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Sesame OIL

Health Benefits Of Sesame Oil:

  • Sesame oil may support healthy blood sugar regulation, which is especially important for people with diabetes.
  • One study showed that putting rats with diabetes on a 6% sesame oil diet for 42 days resulted in significant reductions in blood sugar, compared with rats that were not fed the oil.
  • Sesame oil may even play a role in long-term blood sugar regulation.
  • A study in 46 adults with type 2 diabetes found that taking sesame oil for 90 days significantly reduced fasting blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), compared with a placebo group. HbA1c levels are an indicator of long-term blood sugar contro
  • May help heal wounds and burns

  • While sesame oil can be consumed for its health benefits, it may also be used topically for wounds and burns.
  • Ozone is a natural gas that can be used medically. Its clinical use dates back to 1914 when it was used to treat infections during World War I. Oils with ozone added to them — known as ozonated oils — are used topically to treat various skin conditions
  • In one rat study, topical treatment with ozonated sesame oil was linked to higher levels of collagen in wound tissue. Collagen is a structural protein necessary for wound healing
  • Other studies have demonstrated that topical treatment with sesame oil reduced burn and wound healing time in mice, though human research in this area is lacking