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Wood pressed virgin oil refers to a method of oil extraction where the oilseeds are crushed and pressed (without using heat) to extract oil. The entire process involves pressure and no heat and that is what makes this oil healthier than any other form.


When it comes to cooking oil, we all have heard a term called ‘Kachi Ghani'. The word 'Ghani' refers to a long cylindrical contraption that was used in early days to extract oil from oilseeds. It is more like a mortar and pestle device, made of wood and is used to extract oil with the help of animals like cow or buffalo. This is the oldest and simplest method of oil extraction that involved no heat. Whereas, the modern age oil extraction process involves chemicals, heat, and machines to extract oil from the oilseeds but during this process oil's natural containts get badly impcated.

The oil extracted through cold pressed is full of nutrients and vitamin. Its healthy for day to day use. Fragrance of naturally extracted oil is memorable and will be in your memory. You can identify the difference between naturally extracted oil and refined oil with your senses. Rejoie brings you the same taste and flavour which was being extracted in earlier days. The process are same ,will ensure proper hygiene and will be in wood pressed and stone pressed kolhu . Only thing will engge motor in place of Ox to run these Kolhu Ghani.

  • Mustard oil has been one of the popular oils right from its inception. Mustard oil has a dark reddish-yellow colour along with a strong aroma. Talking about its taste, it has a pungent and sharp flavour. Mustard was grown in Indian for the first time around 3000 BC. India, Rome, and Greece are some of the countries where the use of mustard oil is quite popular. The first popular mustard oil benefits were for the medicinal uses and then later it became famous for all its other offered benefits.
  • Is Mustard Oil Healthy?
  • If you are looking for an answer to this question then you should pay close attention to the various benefits of mustard oil for the health, hair, and skin. The vitamin E in mustard oil along with the various other nutrients helps in bringing the best of benefits for the entire body. It is due to the health benefits of mustard oil that the health experts suggest the use of mustard oil during pregnancy as well.
  • Mustard Oil Benefits For Health, Hair & Skin:
  • Don’t we all want a healthy lifestyle and for this, we try a lot many things in terms of exercising and diet? However, many times we fail to get the desired benefits from that chosen method. What if you can get the desired benefits from just the consumption of an ingredient in your daily routine? Yes, we are talking about the benefits of eating mustard oil.
  • Health Benefits Of Mustard Oil:
  • Mustard oil is a rich source of all the needed vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body’ s needs. Interested in knowing the health benefits of eating mustard oil? Here are some of the benefits that you can get from mustard oil for your health:
  • Mustard Oil Contains Antibacterial, Anti-Fungal And Anti-Inflammatory
  • Promotes Heart Health:
  • Prevent Asthma:
  • Reduce Cancer Risk:
  • Relieves Cold And Cough:
  • Eases Joint Pain And Arthritis:
  • Boosts Brain Function:
  • Natural Stimulant:
  • Boosts Cardiac Health:
  • Whitens Teeth And Treats Dental Problems:
  • Increases Body Metabolism:
  • Cold Pressed virgin Oils will provide a vital contribution to your healthier life:

  • They are cholesterol free
  • They are not refined, deodorized or processed in any way
  • They do not contain harmful solvent residues
  • Cold Pressed Oils contain no added chemicals or preservatives
  • They contain natural antioxidants such as tocopherols (e.g. Vitamin E) and phosphatides (e.g. Lecithin)
  • The natural flavour and odour is retained, enhancing your favourite recipe

  • Mustard oil is not good for our health. In earlier times, people used to use mustard oil, not refined oil and if seen, they were healthy and happy. I mean they didn't suffer from any disease. These days, you will see a lot of new oil varieties are available in the market. If we talk about mustard oil and refined oil, then my suggestion is that we should use mustard oil. If you don't believe me, then you need to pay attention to the nutritional value of mustard oil and refined oil and know for yourself, which one is better and why
  • Nutrition Mustard Oil (One Table Spoon) Refined Oil (One Table Spoon)
    Calories 124 120
    Total Fat 18% 18%
    Saturated Fat 8% 10%
    Monounsaturated Fatty acids 8.286G 3.091G
    Polyunsaturated Fatty acide 2.972G 7.97G
    Transit Fat 0 .092G
  • After reading this you must be feeling that if it is fat then how it is good for our health. Fat in our body is also important because many vitamins in the body dissolve due to fat. Saturated fat is not bad for our health because it maintains the blood cholesterol. MUFA and PUFA decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes. But Trans fat is very bad for our health because it increases cardiovascular diseases (heart attack).
  • So I suggest, stay on natural Food and Stay healthy. Mustard oil has various uses
  • Cold pressed virgin oil

  • Cold pressing refers to oils obtained through pressing fruit or seeds with a wood press.
  • Is cold pressed virgin oil good for health?
  • Cold pressed virgin oil retain healthy antioxidants that are otherwise damaged by being exposed to heat. ... Most cold pressed oils are rich in vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. They are also rich sources of oleic acid that help boost your immune system
  • What is the difference between cold pressed and refined oil?
  • Basically, cold pressed oils are the ones that are extracted in a certain way and have more nutrition than refined oil in which during the refining process, the nutritional benefits are lost.
  • Which cold pressed virgin oil is best for cooking?
  • Mustard ,Sesame, Coconut, Olive are good oils for cooking. Just make sure they are genuinely cold pressed and organic.
  • In Cold pressed seeds are processed to extract oil by crushing where the heat never exceeds 35˚C. Cold pressing involves neither heat nor chemical treatment. In fact, when oil is produced at lower temperature, they retains higher quantity of nutritional level includes anti-oxidant. This makes the oil’s aroma and taste remains raw/source like seeds.
  • Cold pressed oil is suitable for all types of cooking. Mainly for deep frying as it has higher density. When it comes to fitness, it carries all natural nutrients which are good for both health and skin.

  • In fact, the quantity of the oil during cold pressing is approximately 33% which is low in quantity high in quality. Then comes, the expeller pressed method where the quantity of the oil is approximately 75%. Alternatively, oils that are expeller pressed are squeezed from the seed through a barrel-like cavity by using friction and continuous pressure. This can produce higher temperatures ranges from 60 to 98˚C. The quantity of the oil increases due to higher temperature and pressing.
  • Though this method contains higher temperatures, it does not use any additional chemicals. But still, there are some chances of refining the expeller pressed oil. This refining process involves additional heat from steam and the use of natural earthen bleaching clay. Due to higher temperature, all its nutrients are lost. Thus, the oil’s aroma and taste differ from its originality.
  • This oil is mainly suitable for baking due to its nutty, toasted flavor.
  • While comparing both the methods, cold pressed oil is strongly recommended for cooking. Truthfully it has many benefits like aroma, taste and natural nutrients which are good for your health and skin.
  • As mentioned earlier about bull driven method, Rejoie is one of the companies who is extracting oil from our traditional method by doing wood pressed.
  • The oil’s aroma and taste are up to the level. I have been using this oil for 10 months and experiencing the taste which was amazing and delicious.
  • Cold Pressed Mustard Oil | Kachi Ghani Sarson Ka Tel | 1 Litre ₹ 295

  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • Has more Minerals, Anti-Oxidants and Vitamin E
  • Improves heart health and prevents cancer with its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory property
  • Aids in digestion and also keeps the indigestion away with it antibacterial property.
  • Best used for Pickles, Cooking, Toppings etc.
  • Chekku Oil means, during the extraction process the temperature of nuts/seeds are maintained at the room temperature. Temperature can be maintained low only if traditional wooden churner (MaraChekkuni/Lakdi Ghani) is used and extracted by a slow mechanical process. Since the oil is not headed, it retains the natural nutrients, flavour, Colour and texture. Consuming this oil is good for our health and over all wellbeing.
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